Fast, efficient and economical: all in an automatic restaurant.


Pizza Self 24 allows you to enjoy hot pizzas and snacks anywhere in less than 3 minutes: a quick and cheap meal for young people, families and workers.

Everywhere 24 hours a day

The Pizza Self 24 vending machine can be installed anywhere and delivers hot pizzas and snacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Up to 84 Pizzas

The Food Corner Pizza Self 24 can hold 84 pizzas or pre-cooked and frozen snacks, which can be of 2 different flavors.

High quality

Pizza Self 24 delivers pizzas and snacks already cut and packaged in practices "hot protection” packs: selected ingredients, qualified suppliers and high technology for a unique taste.


Personalize Pizza Self 24 with your company brand and graphics: each livery can be designed to meet all your communication needs.

Low consumption

Thanks to a patented modular system, Pizza Self 24 is energy saving: it consumes only 2.5 kw in the dispensing phase and connects to the 220V-16A outlets.


Pizza Self 24 guarantees technical assistance: ordinary and extraordinary maintenanceis guaranteedin case of need for distributors all over the world.

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